The Anatomy Of Healthier, More Productive Work Spaces.

Productivity. Communication. Collaboration. Innovation.

They’re simple things you want to increase in your business. So, like other businesses, you invest in tools, talent, technology, and training. And, inevitably, your leadership team finds itself asking, “Is there something we’re missing?”

At Dunaway Williams we believe your search for that “something” begins right where you stand.

In your workspace.

This very day, the physical spaces that you, your staff, and your clientele conduct business in are either working for you or against you in profound ways.

For instance, studies show that face-to-face interactions fall by 70% in workspaces based on open offices. The reality is, it’s not how many interactions your workspace can enable, it’s how meaningful those interactions are that matter.

It’s truths like these that inspired us to create a new way of designing work and business spaces. We call it Well Space.

It’s our process for helping businesses design stunning spaces that reduce burnout, improve customer experiences, and deliver better returns for your stakeholders.

It’s grounded in three foundational beliefs that expand your expectations for your project right from the start.

1. Buildings are more than containers. They’re connectors.

No matter what shape a building takes on the outside, we focus on designs and solutions that foster the business-building connections you want for the people inside.

2. Every space should make people feel better.

We design spaces that intuitively solve everyday problems for staff, patients, and customers before they occur, so your business avoids headaches that go far beyond reconstruction.

3. Communication is the cornerstone of collaboration.

Every project we undertake begins and ends with clear and timely communication to assure on-time and on-budget completions.

It’s a proven process with practical applications that improve productivity in nearly any work environment. And, if you’re curious about how “well” your space is designed to get the maximum from the people working in it…

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Whether you’re starting a new building, or considering renovating or remodeling an existing workspace, Dunaway Williams asks the right questions to help your business, your staff, and your clients thrive in a space that doesn’t just work, it works well.