Women’s Medical Associates

Project Size




A new 2-story medical office building with space for future tenants on the 1st floor, and offices occupying the 2nd floor with space for 6 physicians with 4 exam rooms each, laboratory and ultra-sound suite.


To deliver on the stakeholder team’s need for a clinic that would be as attractive to future tenants as new patients, d/W created a classic, well-organized floor plan featuring luxury finishes, high ceilings and large windows to bring in natural light. The first floor was left open with room for customization by future tenants.


Our Well Space™ approach is evident in a 2nd floor design that has proven to be functional, adaptable, and inviting for Physicians and Patients alike. The tenant spaces were quickly occupied by St. Dominic Family Practices Clinic, Southern Diagnostics Labs, and a Women’s Imaging Center for Women’s Health Associates.