The MRI Center at East Lake

Project Size




A new $2.5 million MRI Center integrated with an existing medical campus that would ease nervous patients and give employees an outward view within an inward-focused building.


MRI centers are built around sensitive, multi-million dollar equipment. This tends to influence stark, windowless buildings with blank, intimidating exteriors and low-lit, cold interiors—all of which contribute to an atmosphere of anxiety and fatigue. This is where our Well Space™ approach shifts the entire experience. As soon as patients arrive, they find ease in encountering a building with large windows, as well as an open, inviting entry. Rather than a blank masonry facade, they see subtle brick detailing which adds a sense of warmth.

Once inside, they see outside views of surrounding nature with energized employees ready to take them on their next step: A PDC caring suite enhanced with technology that allows patients complete control of light levels and color, temperature, music, and imagery via an iPad.


Patients and employees now view the experience of visiting and working in an MRI environment with a whole new set of expectations. Patients encounter a calming, caring atmosphere, and every employee’s ability to care for each patient with a positive attitude is enhanced. The MRI Center at East Lake stands as a prime example of architecture design executed with wellness in mind.